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Team Construction is dedicated to providing each home owner with the best possible building experience in the area. We understand that this is in most cases the biggest investment of any ones lives and we don’t take that lightly. Each project has three main components: what type of house to build, where to build the house, and what type of financing is best for your needs. Our goal is to make each of these components stress free and easy to understand:


    Selecting a Site


If you haven’t already selected a building site, Team Construction has residential communities around the county to fit a number of lifestyles. These communities are located in desirable school systems. Your investment is secured by architectural controls for each of our communities. It is our belief that architectural controls should do more than dictate the size of the home and are designed to protect your investment along with the investments of your neighbors in the community.

If you have already selected a building site, we will go to your site and do a site evaluation. From this site evaluation we will provide allowances for the specific cost involved with your site. Site costs can very greatly depending on soil conditions, elevation grade changes, and many other factors. We will work with you, the excavator, and the county building authorities to provide the most thorough site cost allowances possible.





Homeowners have indicated that the building process with us was much easier than expected. There are several lenders whom we have worked with for many years. All of these vendors have many years in the banking business; they have experienced market fluctuations and will work hard to put your financing together.  These “preferred lenders” will keep the project easy and fun.

There are three basic ways to finance a construction project with us: Secure a conventional construction draw loan from a bank; Have Team Construction carry the construction costs of the project; or use money that you have for the construction cost of the project. We have information that thoroughly explains each of these options.

Basically if you use someone else’s money to build your home you will pay a finance charge for using that money. This can be the interest charge from a bank or a flat finance charge that we would add to the project. A well-qualified lender can help you determine the most cost-effective way to finance your project.


    Determining the Cost

Once a site has been determined for your project, you will have an opportunity to look through literally hundreds of house plans that we have built previously. Many of these plans are based on standard plans that have been modified to suit an individual. When you have selected a standard plan that suits your needs, we will determine the exact features and options that you want in your home. In as little as an hour you will know exactly how much your project will cost.

In the event our standard plans do not suit your needs, we will work with you on a custom plan that you bring to us. As a full service “design/build” contractor we will take your plan, ideas and desired features and create a custom plan. Our experienced computer draftsman will create a full set of buildable plans using your plans from sketches and notes. Once these plans are created we will provide a thorough cost proposal including allowances for many aspects of the project, built with the specifications that we have set forth in the proposal. At this point we will enter into a construction agreement and provide a project start date.

    Selection Process

Soon after a construction agreement has been executed we will start the selection process. Your sales representative who took you through the sales process will help you make your selections. We will first make the exterior selections for your new home. This includes all of the exterior colors and selections for siding, brick, stone, etc. We will also select exterior doors and windows. We have most of the options at the office. You will have been asked previously to look for homes and color combinations that you like. We feel it is essential that you see your selections on a house prior to making final selections.

After the exterior selections, you will go to our cabinet provider and make your cabinet selection. You will also meet with our flooring provider to select floor coverings. You will be allowed 2 to 3 weeks to meet and make your selections with these providers.

Based on your cabinet and flooring selections, we then move into the interior selection stage. These selections will be made largely right here at our office. During this meeting we will select all of the interior colors and selections for your home. During the exterior selection meeting you will have been given the resources needed to help you make these decisions. Keep in mind that we will give you as much as 3 to 4 weeks to make these selections. It is our desire that the whole project is stress free and enjoyable. If you need more time all you need to do is ask.




In the final week of your project, you will go through the home with your project manager and create a punch list for any and all items you are concerned about. The final week of the project our final finish technician will take care of all of your concerns. We will also thoroughly clean your new home during that last week. We will then walk through the home one more time with you and perform a new home orientation. During this time you will be given vital information about your new home and have another opportunity to express specific concerns you may have with your home.


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