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The efficient use of nonrenewable resources, incorporation of renewable energy features and use of recycled materials are the cornerstone. Efficient construction and building practices and processes are essential factors in this endeavor. Equally important is our desire to provide the Green home that fits the desires and budgets of our homeowners.

Introduction to Green Building
Any type of construction, commercial or residential, new construction or remodeling affects our environment. The concept of Green building is designed to reduce that impact. Green building incorporates environmental considerations and resource efficiency into every step of the land development and home building processes to minimize the environmental impact.

There are two recognized Green Building processes, the LEEDS system which seems to be embraced strongly by the commercial industry and the NAHB National Green Building Program which is the program that has been widely accepted by the residential building industry. The teeth of the NAHB Green Building program is the guideline scoring checklist. This checklist goes through every aspect of a new home construction project and puts a point value on the “green” building practices that are used for the project. These points are tallied to provide a total score which indicates the green building level (bronze, silver or gold) your project achieved.

Green Features in Team Homes
Team Construction is a “Certified Green Professional” certified by the National Association of Home Builders. Our standard building specifications qualifies each Team Construction home in the Bronze level. With some modest upgrades your home can qualify at the Silver level and with a few more upgrades you can go for the Gold. Starting in January 2009 each home that we build will be given a “Green” rating by our “Certified Green Professional.” This rating sheet will be given to each home owner during the early planning and selection stages of the project. This is an in house rating. For purposes of government rebates and tax credits further certifications and additional fees may be required. We present this in the early stages of the project to allow the buyer time to create a home that achieves the Green Level of building that best suits their budget and desires.

To learn more, contact our Green Professional, Todd Meier at