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Green Building Features included in all Team homes.

  • Construction techniques that minimize soil disturbance and soil erosion

  • Engineered I-joists

  • Engineered roof trusses

  • Water resistant barrier installed behind exterior covering

  • Ice and water shield installed on eaves and rakes

  • High efficiency energy star windows

  • Low volume plumbing fixtures

  • Low volume and advanced flush toilets

  • Manifold plumbing system installed

  • HVAC installer and technicians are certified by BPI or RPA program training

  • Use air sealing package to reduce air infiltration

  • Air tight recessed can lighting

  • Drip edge on all eaves and gable roof edges

  • Gutter downspouts extended 5' from foundation

  • Use recycled tire chips for septic drain field

  • Install air returns in every room except baths, kitchen, closets, pantries, and laundry

  • Tight seal between living space and garage

  • OSB roof sheathing

  • Provide a Green Mission Statement

  • Provide Homeowner Care & Maintenance orientation and packet